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Tipi Stays

Photo by Dale Bynum

Photo by Dale Bynum

Tipi Stays







Native Country Tourism’s goal is educating through oral tradition and hands-on adventures throughout the original Northern Cheyenne territories. Each adventure package is unique.

Tipi Stay Northern Cheyenne


Northern Cheyenne Reservation

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​Welcome to the land of Notameohmesehetane (Northern Cheyenne) in South East Montana. You are truly in the legendary “Big Sky” country with its broad vistas, forested lands and starry nights.


This adventure brings you to a working ranch that is Native Cheyenne owned and operated.  Sharon Small and her family love to host you and share both their Native culture and western lifestyle.


You will have various sleeping options ranging from:

  •  “Tipi rustic”- bring all your own bed gear

  • “Comfy Rustic”- mattresses and bedding provided

  • Twin Bed in the Cheyenne Country Lodge where guest showers and camp kitchen are located.


In addition to exploring the ranch, guests will take motorized tours to Big Horn Battlefield, St. Labre, Deer Medicine Rocks, Rosebud Battle site, and the Tongue River Reservoir.

We will bring in the ancestors of the brave, Cheyenne warriors and each of these special guests will share the stories that were passed down to them by their predecessors.

Guests will also have the opportunity take part in cultural demonstrations and activities, recreational activities, scenic horseback rides, and boat rides on the beautiful Tongue River Reservoir.



Tipi Stays Indian Country


Blackfeet Reservation

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Welcome to the land of the Amskaapi Pikuni (Blackfeet tribe) located in North West Montana.

Ride with us to a place where roads don’t exist, and the horse will carry you through pristine mountains, rivers, valleys and timber to one of the most beautiful locations on Mother Earth.


This is an "Extreme Equestrian" package for experienced riders wanting an unforgettable back country riding adventure. We will be staying in tipis at Maatsohkitopi (Good Rider) camp which is nestled in the shadows of the Rocky Mountain front.

Experienced horse wranglers and tour guides will take you on scenic, backcountry rides into the sacred Badger-Two Medicine area. This beautiful and unscathed space has been used by the Blackfeet people for nearly 10,000 years. This area is currently in danger of being compromised due to illegally granted oil and gas leases, which threaten the Blackfeet peoples’ history and sacred values.